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Being an Inspirational Identity that consumer selected and happy to be a part of a brand
known in Asia especially in Southeast Asia


Our goal while creating Bani Jawi is to provide the best fragrance, with an exclusive appearance and happy to
worn every day

and not only that :

  • Able to strengthen the relationship with, by building a shared memory
  • Perform worship comfortably and feeling calm
  • Increases self -confidence when doing tasks

We believe with appearance and lifestyle according to the Sunnah will give many advantages and repair the life

Word of Allah SWT which means: “Indeed in (himself) the Prophet SAW is a good example to follow, that is for people who always hope (pleasure) of Allah and (good reward) the hereafter, and he also mentions and remembers God a lot. ” (Surah al-Ahzab, verse 21)

And this is just the beginning. With Bani Jawi building affordable fragrances, Bani Jawi continues to make these products available to more people,
finally accelerating the emergence of various more products to create consumer self -skills to be respected, emulated and respected
by the surrounding community through overall dress, health and hygiene. Wearing fragrance, beautiful dress and also a healthy lifestyle have been practiced for a long time but when combined, it is towards a more beautiful realization in the world – that is the future we want